The statistics tell us that 41% of our North Idaho households are struggling to make ends meet. Of those, a majority are working families. As we dig deeper into the people behind the numbers, we realize they represent our neighbors, our friends, our family, maybe even us. Occasionally we find the strength in individuals who are willing to share their story. The more we have the conversations, the more our community will realize we're in this together, and we're all not that different. Here are a few local ALICE stories. If these inspire you to share your current or past story, please do so here (you may do so anonymously).


United Way ALICE Story - Faith

“I don’t want to live lavishly; I want to live comfortably where I’m not living paycheck-to-paycheck. I want to have a car and be able to go places I want to go."

UWNI ALICE Story - Faith from United Way of North Idaho on Vimeo.


ALICE Story - Ryan

“Income is probably the biggest stress. I’m a couple months behind on my truck payment. Paying my rent or paying my truck…recently I had to make the decision. That’s very, very stressful.”

UWNI ALICE Project - Ryan from United Way of North Idaho on Vimeo.