Ready! for Kindergarten


United Way of North Idaho works to improve lives in our community. Our mission of improving lives is reached by providing resources and programs that improve the education, financial stability, and health of people in North Idaho, so everyone has the opportunity for a better life.

Several community organizations and individuals are coming together to offer for READY! for Kindergarten classes for parents who have children ages 4 and 5. This program shares information about the lively early-learning years before a child enters school, which lays the foundation for all future learning.

Classes are free to families in North Idaho, and free child care is provided.  Parents can choose from three convenient locations to minimize travel expenses and extra time commitment. READY! teaches parents how to “Play with a Purpose” which builds strong minds and relationships. Parents learn activities and receive materials to make learning at home fun and effective. United Way of North Idaho (UWNI) exists to improve lives in our community. We do this by providing resources to programs that advance the education, health, financial stability and basic needs of people in the communities of north Idaho. We invite members of our community to be a part of the change by donating, volunteering, or advocating for programs and services making a difference. For more information or to get involved, call 280-667-8112.