Meet the Board of Directors: Kristine Miller

Kristine Miller


Board Member since: 2023 

Kristine recently joined the United Way of North Idaho board of directors but is no stranger to local nonprofit work. She is a resident of Coeur d'Alene and currently serves in a development role with Gonzaga University. 

What makes you proud to be living in north Idaho? 

The beauty of North Idaho first attracted my family to the area in the 1980’s. While I mostly grew up in Minneapolis, I spent many summers here as a kid, swimming, camping, riding dirt bikes and making lifelong friends in the mountains and woods of North Idaho. Together with my husband, I could think of no better place to raise our family and make a living than this tucked away corner of the world. I am so proud that people here still believe in hard work and helping their community, and don’t shy away from the addressing the tough issues.  

How did you come to connect with our local United Way?  

I previously worked at a local non-profit and the UWNI was always a good resource for us. I’ve served on a few other non-profits boards and through my volunteer work, I have always wanted to learn more about how this organization impacts the community and appreciated it’s breadth of support. 

What does it mean to you to Live United? 

As a community organization, living united means having an impact locally, and leveraging the global spirit in which the United Way first began. When we are united, we are stronger and can more effectively tackle our toughest challenges.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about building financial stability? 

Education is where the most important lessons about financial stability first took root in my own life. But like many of us, the experience of making my own financial decisions (some good, some not) is where I finally understood the impact that financial stability has on every aspect of life. Having a good role model and people to mentor me along the way undoubtedly helped to keep me on the right path, and giving back to my community is one way for me to repay that kindness. 

Success can mean different things to different people. In your eyes, what would it look like when every youth in north Idaho “succeeds”?  

When young people have options, they can succeed on their own terms. With equal access to quality education, a healthy family and a supportive community, young people are empowered to make proactive choices about their future, whether that’s a career, post-secondary education or family life.