Bank On North Idaho

Promoting household savings and financial empowerment through access to a bank account and the resources to successfully manage it. 


Bank On North Idaho is a coalition of banks, credit unions, local businesses, and community organizations working together to help families in North Idaho achieve financial stability. With Bank On, it's a simple process for North Idaho individuals to get connected to low-cost, starter checking and savings accounts!

Who benefits?

As many as 20% of local residents are unbanked or underbanked. If you're unbanked, you don't have a checking or savings account. If you are underbanked, you may have a checking or savings account but still use costly alternative financial services like check-cashing or payday and title loans. 

Many people think they don’t make enough money to have a bank or credit union account. But the truth is that low wage earners and people on fixed incomes are least able to absorb the high costs of alternative financial services and are most in need of a low cost bank or credit union account.

The importance of savings

Nearly half (43.5%) of households in the United States do not have a basic safety net to weather emergencies or prepare for future needs, like homeownership or retirement. This leaves families vulnerable to unexpected expenses and less able to protect themselves in times of financial crisis. 

If a minimum-wage earner is spending 3% of their paycheck to use a check-cashing service, they are throwing away $50 a month or $600 a year. How much better would it be for them to save that money for the next unexpected expense so that they can avoid a financial emergency? 

Saving money--even a few dollars a month--is one of the first steps toward financial stability.

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